Schuylkill River Trail – Parkerford to Cromby

14 06 2012

I finally had the chance to explore a new section of the Schuylkill River Trail. I rode my bike on the road from Pottstown to the trail head in Parkerford. I needed to do some interval training and found this section of trail perfect for doing so. The trail is not paved but is a fine cinder that is well packed. I didn’t have any trouble with my road bike and hardcase Bontrager tires. I think the cinder added some nice resistance to my workout.

There are powerlines which run the whole length of the trail to the Cromby trailhead. They are perfectly spaced for doing the interval training. I sprinted for two and relaxed for one or visa-versa. On my return trip I focused on maintaining a strong steady cadence. There weren’t many other cyclists on the trail but it was full of joggers and walkers! I highly suggest checking out this portion of the trail and even follow the road into Phoenixville to have lunch or a snack or stop in Royesford on you way back!

Running Update

I’ve had a pretty good week with my running. My biggest frustration is not gaining any speed. I know interval training will help. But I often finish a run and feel like I could have gone faster. Does anybody have any tips to motivate myself to run faster? I’m able to convince myself to ride faster on the bike pretty easily but running is a struggle.




One response

15 06 2012

Hills and intervals are good for increasing speed. Try shorter runs with the focus on time.

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